What is the Treatment for Dengue if found Positive

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Now we will move into our Topic of Dengue Treatment

What is the Treatment for Dengue if found Positive

To be frank, there is no particular treatment for Dengue. Still no drugs or vaccines are available for treating Dengue fever. However the symptoms of Dengue fever should be treated.

The most interesting point is that Dengue will get reduce by its own. The person will recover from Dengue fever from his own immunity. The only cases where the treatment is required is when he / she shows drastic symptoms of Dengue such as Fever, Flu-like symptoms, red and white patches on skin and severe body pains.

As we are treating the symptoms not the root cause i.e., virus, this type of treatment is known as Symptomatic Treatment.

Suppose if a person affected with Dengue have severe body and joint pains, then Pain killers (Analgesics) should be prescribed. If the person have tremendous fever then Anti-Pyretics should be prescribed. Under sever conditions such as Dengue Shock Syndrome, IV body fluids should be administered and Blood transfusion is necessary in some cases.

While treating Dengue, please do note that Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aceclofenac etc) should be avoided as they aggravates the condition of Bleeding by further deactivating and reducing Blood Platelets.

Paracetomol (Acetaminophen) is the best choice for treating both Fever and Pains in Dengue. Moreover don’t shower the patient with Antibiotics, they are only required if Dengue is associated with any other Infections such as Typhoid, Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs) etc.

Recently a Vaccine named “Dengvaxia” has been released by Sanofi Company which is partially effective in treating Dengue cases. However the usage of this vaccine is not common and not yet stabilized. This Vaccine is based on a weakened combination of the yellow fever virus and each of the four dengue serotypes. Two studies of a vaccine found it was 60% effective and prevented more than 80 to 90% of severe cases.

So, Finally you came to know how to treat Dengue fever at last. Please don’t worry if you or your family member is suffering from Dengue. Stay relaxed, it will be treated with ease. Don’t think that it’s contagious fever, only few cases of Dengue are reported as Deadly due to improper management of Dengue fever.

Do you know that Dengue can be treated at Home if the patient is able to intake Juices and Fluids. We will discuss on this in our later post…

Stay Relaxed… Be Cool… Then you will be Healthy 🙂

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