Getcured Community Pharmacy

Getcured Community Pharmacy

Getcured Community Pharmacy (GCP) is a Pharmacy Division of Getcured Apothecary Private Limited (GAPL)

Getcured Community Pharmacy outlets help patients in the management and treatment of their diseases. Getcured Community Pharmacy outlets differs from normal pharmacies in many ways. We maintain health records of patients and educate them about life-style changes required for proper management of their health.

Functions of Getcured Community Pharmacy Outlets

  • Maintaining Health Records of Patients
  • Educating People about their Health and Lifestyle
  • Advising Patients on Proper Management of their Health and Diseases
  • Establishing links and relationships with other Healthcare Professionals including but not limited to Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians etc for referring patients easily
  • Establishing links and relationships with other Healthcare Centers including but not limited to Biochemistry Labs, Blood Banks, Diagnostic Centers, Healthcare Clinics and Hospitals, etc. for referring patients easily
  • Creating Health Awareness among People
  • Delivering Medicines on Exact Scheduled Time
  • Educating Patients about Drug Interactions and it’s Side Effects
  • Collecting and Gathering Information related to Drug Side Effects from Patients after Drug Administration and Forwarding the same to Concerned Drug Authorities
  • Serves as Consultancy for all the Health Needs of Customers and Patients

Features of Getcured Community Pharmacy Outlets

  • Managed by Highly Qualified Professionals with Bachelor or Master Degree of Pharmacy
  • Health Data of Customers / Patients is stored from the very start – This is quite useful for doctors for exact treatment
  • Receiving Orders from Home and Delivering Medicines at the Door Steps of Patients or Customers
  • Hefty Discounts on Medicines Purchase
  • Listening and Treating Minor Health Issues including but not limited to Fever, Chills, Cold, Cough, Gastritis, etc. on Phone with the help of other Qualified Healthcare Professionals
  • Possibility of Discounts at other Healthcare Centers including Diagnostic Centers, Biochemistry Labs, Clinics, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for New Units of Getcured Community Pharmacy

  • Must be a Highly Qualified Professional (B. Pharma or M. Pharma or Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree Holder)
  • Must have a valid Registered Pharmacist Certificate issued from Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of Medicines and their effects on Human Body
  • Must be fluent at Communication and must-have skills of Prescription Reading