Coronavirus Covid-19 Cases Live Updates


This Live Tracker of Coronavirus provides the following information:

  • Covid-19 Live Updates
  • Coronavirus Confirmed Cases all over the World
  • Deaths that occurred due to nCoV-19 infection i.e., Coronavirus infection
  • Total Cases in the world that recovered from Covid-19
  • The Countries which are mostly affected by Coronaviruses


This authentic information is provided by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University and Medicine.

The present status of Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases in India is worst. Day by day the cases are increasing as croronavirus is spreading rapidly. However indian government ordered the complete lockdown in India to tackle the situation and to prevent the spread of the disease.

The following Covid-19 Cases Live Tracker provides the below details:

  • Confirmed Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases in India
  • Active nCoV-2019 Cases in India
  • Recovered SARS-CoV-2 Cases in India
  • Deaths due to Covid-19 in India
  • Number of Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Different States of India
  • India Map with Indication of Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases


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